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Protect your WordPress site from cyber attacks with one powerful security plugin.

Your WordPress site is basically your brand’s MVP, so you can’t risk leaving it vulnerable to security threats. (“Turns out my BS detector doesn’t cover hackers.”)

Between malware, hacking attempts, and data breaches, you’ve got to find a way to safeguard your online presence around the clock.

Good thing there’s a WordPress plugin powerful enough to stop bad actors in their tracks, so you can keep your site running smoothly.

Meet WP Security Ninja.


  • Install this WordPress plugin in a few clicks to access firewall protection, login protection, and more
  • Perform over 50 security tests and fix most issues in a single click


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WP Security Ninja is a plugin that secures your WordPress site with firewall protection, malware scanning, and more.

Getting started is a breeze! Simply install WP Security Ninja to protect your WordPress site from cyberattacks.

You’ll be able to set up the plugin via the Installation Wizard—no need to Google complex jargon or write any code.

Whether you’re managing multiple client websites or running an online store, this plugin helps you keep your site super safe.

Installation Wizard
Quickly set up this WordPress plugin with the Installation Wizard.

Take advantage of a firewall that can block dangerous IP addresses and filter out any suspicious activity.

WP Security protects your website from over 600 million malicious IP addresses using a database that’s updated daily.

You can also enable login for protection and auto-banning rules, which block users after multiple failed login attempts.

Firewall Protection
Block millions of dangerous IPs with a powerful firewall.

Even better, WP Security Ninja will track every action on your website to help catch bad actors before they strike.

Just tap into the Event Logger to view your automatically recorded site activity with timestamps and user info.

With this clear digital trail, you’ll be able to conduct security audits and troubleshoot issues without breaking a sweat.

Event Logger
Capture all site activity, including bad actors, with the Event Logger.

WP Security Ninja scans your website for vulnerabilities, checking for everything from password strength to security holes in other plugins.

Because all issues are detailed and scored in a security report, you’ll know exactly what to prioritize next.

And best of all, most issues can be resolved with one-click fixes, so you don’t have to spend a dime on IT support.

Security Tests
Find out how your site stacks up against over 50 security tests.

WP Security Ninja’s WordPress plugin fends off cyber-attackers using advanced firewall protection, login protection, and over 50 security tests.

Protect your WordPress site.

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