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Automatically create print-on-demand products, social media posts, and marketplace listings with AI.

The only thing standing in the way of selling your dream designs online is your nightmare workflow process. (“Step 1: Figure out how many steps there are.”)

That’s because you don’t just have to design the product—you also have to figure out how to promote it on social media and sell it on different marketplaces.

Good thing there’s an AI-powered tool that can take care of everything, from creating original print-on-demand products to successfully marketing them online.

Introducing Wondr AI.


  • Create thousands of print-on-demand products for your online store with AI
  • Automate product distribution across social media and online marketplaces


Wondr AI is an AI platform that automatically creates print-on-demand products, social media posts, and marketplace listings.

Getting started with Wondr AI is simple—just select a product and view automated scenarios on the Wonder Engine platform.

You’ll also be able to create automated scenarios with predefined templates that can be customized for your brand’s vibe.

Plus, you can import print-on-demand workflow templates to automate product designs, mock-ups, descriptions, titles, tags, and variant prices.

Print-on-demand workflow
Import print-on-demand workflow templates and customize them based on your preferences.

While you sit back and relax, Wondr AI can automatically create, schedule, and post product promotions for your brand.

All you have to do is schedule a post so this tool can create compelling posts with relevant mockups, captions, and hashtags for you.

And since Wondr AI supports social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you’ll be able to promote your products to folks all over the world.

Social media workflows
Automate social media posts to streamline your digital marketing strategy.

Automate listings on popular marketplaces like TikTok Shop, Etsy, Google Shopping, Facebook Shopping, and Instagram Shopping to easily sell to customers.

Wondr AI also gives you access to more than 20 AI-powered tools for Facebook Ads, YouTube captions, video scripts, tweets, SEO keywords, and more.

You can schedule these tools at intervals based on a specific time or scenario, so your store runs like a well-oiled machine.

Schedule workflows
Schedule and automate your print-on-demand workflows for maximum efficiency.

Don’t waste time trying to troubleshoot Photoshop! Take advantage of the AI-generated product designs for your online store.

Want to maximize print quality? You can automatically upscale or vectorize images before using the designs for print-on-demand products.

Even better, Wondr AI supports third-party integrations with OpenAI, TikTok Shop, Etsy, Google Shopping, and Printify to get your store up and running fast.

Product automation workflow
Level up your print-on-demand online store with AI-generated product designs and third-party integrations.

From start to finish, Wondr AI has everything you need to run a print-on-demand store that drives more sales on autopilot.

Sell smarter with AI.

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