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SEO Pilot Extension LTD

Accurate On-Page SEO analysis of any page, then write a new AI article in 1-click using your current browser tab as a guide.

SEO helps you stand out and gets people to your site. Therefore, optimizing your pages is a MUST.

BUT with every guru teaching you a new and complex method for ranking pages, and companies touting expensive SEO tools, we’ve decided to go back to the fundamentals.

Find what’s already ranking at the top of the SERPs, analyze it, and produce similar content.

Study the on-page factors of top-ranking organic search results for your target keyword. Emulate that! 

Seriously, it’s that easy. Anything else is just over-complicating this proven approach. 

Here comes SEO Pilot Chrome Extension to help you navigate that simple process.


SEO Pilot is a Chrome extension designed to help you uncover valuable insights from top-ranking content. Easily analyze on-page data points, extract contact and social info, and generate rank-worthy articles.

The big problem that keeps websites from getting traffic is not following SEO best practices. 

Google Analytics will give you tons of info about your website visitors but it doesn’t provide any info on how to rank on Page 1 or how to improve your content.

You know, things like what’s wrong with your headings, links, or images 

or how top-ranking articles are structured – the on-page stuff that really matters

But see… that’s where sites get stuck…

And it’s all because you can’t make big improvements in the SERPs UNTIL you know what to optimize…

and that’s exactly what SEO Pilot does.

Why Choose SEOPilot?

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Go to Google and search for the keyword you want to rank for. What do you get? 

A list of the top-ranking organic pages. 

Which organic listings are ranking #1? #2? and #3? 

Those are the sites doing things right for that search term? There’s no disputing that fact. 


Now that we know these are the top results, we need to analyze their on-page SEO. 

Open SEO Pilot and you’ll get simple, instant data about that page. 

Meta data – such as the Title, Description, and Word Count. 

Heading Structure (h1 – h6) – to understand the content hierarchy of the page. Use these headings as a starting point for your own article’s outline.

Images used on the page including their attribute text and filesize. Learn from it to boost image SEO = traffic!

Open Graph and Twitter Graph tags data to ensure the page’s preview and shareability are correctly set up. 

Links – a summary of the total links on the site with a breakdown of Internal Links and External Links. 

Broken Links – Let’s not forget those broken links which could become excellent opportunities for backlinks and traffic if you know what to do with them ?


But wait, Captain, if we’re on the page already, can you grab some more data?

Yeah, we got ya! 

Click on the Contact Info tab and SEO Pilot will quickly extract the following from the page:

Emails – Yes. We’ll grab any emails found on the page. This is important for local SEO and sites that require contact info. Also, for outreach purposes.

Phone Numbers – Those digits aren’t gonna dial themselves.

Social URLs – Deep research requires also exploring social presence. SEO Pilot will scan the page and reveal all the social URLs found including:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Profiles
  • Instagram Profiles
  • Twitter Profiles
  • Youtube Users
  • Youtube Channels
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Pinterest Profiles
  • TikTok Profiles
  • and more.

That means you can get rid of that other Chrome extension you were using solely for this 1 reason. 


After analyzing these pages, it’s time to write our article. 

But we don’t need to reinvent the wheel because you already know:

  • the article structure of top-ranking pages
  • how long or short they are
  • what headings they’ve used
  • how many images and links are present
  • and more

So let’s put that in use and build our outline starting with a similar heading structure. 

Edit the outline to your heart’s desire. 

And then with only ONE CLICK, the Generate Article button performs its magic.

A completely new, near-perfect article written to compete with the page you were evaluating. Edit it slightly and you’ve now got a rank-worthy content piece to win on search engines.

That’s SEO Pilot. A Chrome Extension. Simple and effective. No expensive subscriptions. No fake gurus to listen to. No annoying minions.

SEO Pilot Use Cases

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Pros use SEO Pilot for various functions:

Keyword Optimization – Leverage SEOPilot to uncover how to optimize your content based on who’s ranking now.

Content Strategy – Analyze content structure that search engines already favor. Don’t guess. Start with the insights and produce content that has a higher chance of also ranking. 

Article Creation – Get more content out in a day than you normally would in a month. SEO Pilot’s writer simplifies the process of writing articles based on the outlines of existing top-ranking posts.

Competitor Insights – Uncover competitor strengths and weaknesses by dissecting their content outlines, linking strategy, image optimization, and more. 

Link Building – Find backlink opportunities or broken links or other creative data points to strike a conversation with site owners and writers.

Targeted Outreach – Extract contact information from websites to streamline your outreach efforts with SEO Pilot’s contact extraction feature. 

Who Needs SEOPilot?

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SEO Professionals: Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned SEO pro, SEOPilot simplifies the complexity of on-page SEO with straightforward insights. It’s the handy one-click assistant that’s does everything you need when you need it. 

Digital Marketers: Supercharge your SEO strategy by dissecting successful SERP content. SEOPilot arms you with actionable insights to move ideas and campaigns forward.

Content Creators: Craft content that aligns with what already ranks at the top of search engines. Don’t guess or try to reverse engineer Google. Instead, use it smartly by studying top-ranking organic pages. SEOPilot lets you tap into their winning formula.

Growth Hackers: Stay one step ahead of your rivals by comprehending their content strategies. SEOPilot empowers you to decode their success tactics. Use it to generate more traffic, leads, and sales.

Brands / Business Owners: Empower your brand’s online presence with data-driven decisions. SEOPilot guides you toward insights that yield tangible results.

Get lifetime access to SEO Pilot today! (or get it for free)