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MakeForms LTD

Create secure, advanced, and visually stunning forms in minutes with the most comprehensive form builder on the market.

Ever wonder why forms are stuck in the past. There’s really nothing sexy about forms. Until now….

Introducing MakeForms. The last and only form builder you’ll ever need. 

Quick… just think about how many forms you and your business need and how fun infuriating it was to make them work. Like… 

  • The contact form on your site for leads. 
  • The job application form for candidates. 
  • The onboarding form for clients.
  • The appointment booking form for prospects.
  • The survey form for customer feedback.
  • The online quiz for students.
  • The long form with conditional logic on 27 fields.
  • The registration form for events.
  • That one form which asks for sensitive info.
  • Or that other form that should be password protected.

The list goes on and on. 

And where the heck do the form submissions go when users, customers, or employees hit submit? Probably scattered in a hundred different places. Good luck finding them or trying to create complex automated workflows based on responses. 

Wait… are any of those forms following security and privacy standards? GDPR compliant? HIPAAProbably not. 

Forms are critical to our operations but they almost always require you to painfully glue a bunch of tools together and then pray everything works.

No more! 

MakeForms replaces every form builder you’ve ever used while solving all the annoying things about forms. We promise you haven’t ever seen such a powerful & secure form builder.


MakeForms revolutionizes the way you handle forms by seamlessly connecting the dots between form creation to responses to workflows.

There are many form builders you can choose from but MakeForms is the last and only one you’ll ever need. Here’s why: 

  • Drag & drop builder: Drag it. Drop it. Share it. That’s how easy it is with MakeForms.
  • Secure forms, stronger forms: Throw away the fear of your data being hijacked with data encryption enabled by default for ALL forms.  Additionally, with certifications like GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, PIPEDA, Australian DPA, ISO 12007 Compliance, and SOC 2 Compliance, your data stays safe.
  • Workflows and integrations: Create complex workflows to perform the steps and tasks you need with native integrations for CRM, Email, Calendars and more.
  • Templates galore: Don’t know where to start? Tap into the massive library of thousands of templates that you can easily customize to suit any use case without having to hire a programmer or designer.
  • Create once, collect on all channels: Create a single form and use it everywhere. Have a 1,000 person email list which needs to fill out your form? Just embed it in your email and send it as a campaign! Or Embed it on a website. Or create a link and post it on social. Or multiple unique links to track which source each submission came from.
  • AI form builder to steal the show: Let AI create a form for you in seconds. Just provide the form name and sections and watch MakeForms’ AI Form Builder bring your form to life.
  • Built-in CRM with data views: Most form tools and plugins’ functionality stops at the point of form submissions which end up in your email or a Google Sheet collecting dust. Not MakeForms. They’ve made the data usable from within their system. You can slice and dice it or pivot and visualize it. Add to that triggers and a workflow builder, and integrations with our favorite tools (including Zapier and Pabbly!).
  • Payment Integrations with the forms: Now, you can collect payments within your forms and remove the hassles of sending additional payment links and redirections. MakeForms makes it happen. 
  • Analyze like a boss: You can’t track what you don’t measure. All data and insights are available in multiple views such as a Pie Chart, Bar Graphs, a Summary view, or a Business Intelligence View with advanced filtering and pivot tables for the data geeks.

Why Choose MakeForms?

02 Why

Forms are the operating system of many businesses. Similar to a company’s communication or project management tools, your form builder and data within it should be given the same level of importance. 

The MakeForms team showcases exactly that by reimagining every detail of how forms are used. The amount of precision in this product is absolutely amazing. 

Putting aside its amazing features, here’s what the RocketHub team loves about MakeForms and what makes it stand out:

1. Quality Craftmanship – you’ll immediately recognize the tremendous amount of work and precision that has gone into this product’s long list of features. 

2. Design and UI/UX – it is extremely polished and feels like they’ve been working on it for a decade. What is normally complicated in other form builders just makes sense in MakeForms.

3. Attention to Details – The team has done a phenomenal job leaving no detail untouched. It’s evident throughout the platform. Shockingly, this is just v1.

4. Versatility / Replace Other Tools – MakeForms truly is a Swiss-army knife for forms. The amount of use cases it can satisfy is never-ending. We love apps that are so robust they eliminate other costly tools like quiz makers and survey tools. MakeForms does that and more.

5. Security & Privacy First – Whereas security and privacy are usually on the back-burner, MakeForms started with that and it’s available to all. 

MakeForms Use Cases

03 Who Needs

This is one of those tools that you know you need and can use today. Think about the many use cases that you, your team, and your clients have for MakeForms. 

  • Get Feedback
  • Research
  • Lead Generation
  • Registration
  • Application Forms
  • Appointment Forms
  • Calculators
  • Quote Builder or Quote Forms

It doesn’t matter what type of business or which industry you operate in, MakeForms is as critical as your email and internet provider. You need it.

  1. For Advertising Agency Owners / Service Providers: Generate more leads, collect more surveys to understand.
  2. For Startups, SaaS, and Web Design agencies: Save your designers and developers the frustration of forms. Setup that contact form or bug report submission form or NPS survey. Get the analytics and reporting on that data without the need to write a line of code.
  3. For Banking, Finance, and Insurance: Easily gather accurate data from clients, investors, and event attendees. Make it secure with built-in encryption both in-transit and at rest, hCaptcha and password protection.
  4. For Healthcare: Streamline your patient registration process, appointment scheduling, prescription requests and much more while ensuring your data stays safe and in compliance!
  5. For HR & Recruiters: Simplify your HR processes with MakeForms’ user-friendly online forms – efficiently collect information from job applicants, employees, and event attendees.
  6. For Sales and Marketing Teams – Create advanced forms that match your unique use case, including lead generation forms, quote / estimators, product recommendation forms, feedback forms, surveys, and more!
  7. For Service-Based Businesses: Gather information from clients, vendors, or potential customers and follow-up with automated workflows and embed the forms across all your channels.
  8. For Attorneys and Compliance Teams: Collect client information securely so you can organize them better and make informed decisions. Additionally, send across legal documents with terms and conditions and signatures. 
  9. For Non-Profits: Gather information from donors or volunteers, then track and organize your data and help streamline operations where every dollar matters.
  10. For Education: Make Interactive Quizzes and Assessments for students. Collect feedback from Students and Parents directly by sending out a targeted campaign from within MakeForms!
  11. For Government & Law Enforcement: Take advantage of the advanced security and privacy features of MakeForms to capture citizen feedback while maintaining compliance with relevant privacy and security regulations. 

Get lifetime access to MakeForms and let’s make forms great again! ?