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MySEOAuditor LTD

MySEOAuditor provides comprehensive audits that help agencies generate more leads and sales.

The SEO industry is so competitive! It’s hard to get clients and stand out from the crowd.

Imagine if you had a proven lead generation engine that could impress prospects with top-notch SEO audits on demand.

Look… you’ve got a fancy marketing site. So let’s put it to use by adding a simple SEO audit widget by MySEOAuditor.

Thereafter, when a prospect lands on your site, they’ll fill in their website URL and email to receive a free, valuable, and actionable SEO audit report.

BAM! ⚡ Win-Win! ?

Your prospect gets a ton of value in their inbox making you look like a superhero.

And you’ve just scored a new lead without any effort and at zero cost.

MySEOAuditor provide this lead generation engine and more such as:

  • Generates fully-branded, customizable audit reports for clients that pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Creates custom checklists to tackle optimization tasks and stay on track.
  • Search Google Maps to find businesses that need your services and contact them.

While other competitors continue to struggle for leads, you’ll be giving prospects more value and converting them into customers – all while you sleep! 


MySEOAuditor: SEO audits made easy. Analyze sites, build reports, and convert visitors into leads. 

MySEOAuditor provides 4 modules that can stand alone as powerful apps by themselves. Other tools do only 1 of these functionalities whereas with MySEOAuditor, you get all of them in one tool that works seamlessly together.

Here are the 4 modules:

1. Lead generation module – Integrate lead generation widgets into websites for SEO service providers. Strategically placed on relevant pages, these customizable widgets attract potential clients interested in SEO improvement, helping convert them into paying customers while maintaining branding consistency. (Try e

myseoauditor lead gen widgets

2. Advanced Audits module – Detailed, customizable reports can be run both automatically or manually. Reports include:

myseoauditor website audit pages

3. Checklists module – The checklist generator creates comprehensive checklists outlining necessary steps to address each issue ensuring no crucial SEO task is overlooked. Or create your own custom checklist. (Click here to view a preview of the SEO Checklist)

seo checklist

4. Local Business module – The local business finder retrieves data from Google Maps and allows you to run GMB Profile audits for target listings.

All this with your branding and focused on helping agencies and freelancers get more clients!!

Why Choose MySEOAuditor?

03 myseoauditor lp why final

It’s simply value value value!! At this price, MySEOAuditor is one of the most ROI-generating tools of the year and here’s why:

Generate Leads – Install a widget and start generating leads from websites. Every visitor is a potential lead and now you can get them to take action.

Save Time – Cut at least 80-100 hours per month on SEO Audits and reporting tasks. Time is money!!

Impress Clients – Have an instant, fully personalized and valuable lead magnet that wows ? prospects.

Make Money – It helps you both convert leads into clients and deliver your SEO services.

Similar tools charge hundreds of dollars for half the functionality MySEOAuditor offers. If you want visitors and prospects to take action, then you need to take action first by getting this LTD while it’s available.

Who Needs MySEOAuditor?

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MySEOAuditor can be used by various types of businesses including:

  • SEO Agencies
  • SEO Freelancers
  • Marketers
  • Local Business Service Providers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Ecommerce Store Owners
  • Web Developers and Designers

Get lifetime access to MySEOAuditor today!