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Design professional invoices and manage expenses with this easy-to-use platform.

Of all the things taking up your time as a business owner, creating invoices shouldn’t be one of them. (“30 billable hours this week and 8 of them were making this invoice.”)

The thing is, managing all your invoices and expenses across multiple tools isn’t just a time suck—it’s also risky for your data security.

Wish there was a secure invoicing platform that allowed you to manage all your business accounts, without any of the stress?

Meet Finmei.


  • Design professional invoices using professional templates and this easy-to-use invoice builder
  • Ditch paper receipts and record your expenses digitally


Finmei is an invoicing platform that lets you create invoices and easily manage all your business accounts from one place.

Finmei is packed with expertly designed templates, so you can create your next invoice in minutes.

You can customize the colors, fonts, and logo to add an extra touch of professionalism to every invoice.

And because your invoices will reflect your brand’s unique vibe, you’ll be able to leave your customers with a lasting impression.

Let your brand shine through on your invoices with a variety of colors, fonts, and your logo.

Say goodbye to piles of paper receipts! Finmei makes it easy to record and store all your expenses on one platform.

All you have to do is enter key details about each expense, like the date, price, and seller’s name for future reference.

Then, you can upload a PDF or image of your receipt with all the details, ensuring everything is up to snuff for tax season.

Go paperless by recording your expenses and digitizing your receipts in one place.

Best of all, Finmei supports over 180 currencies, covering everything from US dollars and euros to pesos and riyals.

You can also change your invoice language so you’re not limited to English-speaking customers.

Now you’ll be all set to sell your products and services to just about anyone, anywhere in the world!

Send invoices in over 180 currencies and in any major language.

You’ll be able to share invoices with customers via email, URL, or even print, all with one click of a button.

And because every invoice URL is unique, snoopy customers won’t be able to change a few digits or letters to see other invoices.

Plus, all your invoices are encrypted and stored in three secure data centers so you never have to worry about info falling into the wrong hands.

Invoice Sharing
Share invoices with your customers via dedicated links.

Simplify your entire invoicing process with Finmei’s templates, visual customization, support for multiple currencies, and flexible sharing options.

Create invoices in a snap.

Get lifetime access to Finmei today!