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Use AI-powered writing shortcuts to create original content and messages with just one word

When you’re sending out the same old messages to all your customers, it’s easy to make careless mistakes. (“We value your business, %Customer Name%.”)

You don’t have the time to whip up original replies to every single inquiry, so canned responses seem like the only option.

What if there was a tool that let you create smart text expansions to speed up your writing, simply by entering one word?

Enter Linguix Turbo.


  • Use AI to check your grammar and spelling, and even rewrite content for clarity
  • Create writing shortcuts so you can type one word to generate an entire message


Linguix Turbo is an AI-powered writing tool that lets you create shortcuts to generate entire messages with just one word.

Linguix Turbo lets you turn one word into an entire passage of text, so you can save time on interacting with customers and prospects.

You’ll be able to create smart text shortcuts to speed up your writing across channels, including email, LinkedIn, and millions of other websites.

That way, you don’t have to waste any more time writing repetitive messages for product intros, meeting requests, and support replies.

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Create one-word shortcuts to save time writing messages across channels.

Want to take your canned responses to a whole other level? Simply add lists, links, and custom formats to your messages.

If you’re on the team plan, you’ll be able to create shortcuts that your team members can use, along with their personal shortcuts.

These templates make it easy for you to maintain quality control and ensure more meaningful interactions—no matter how many messages are in your inbox!

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Add lists, links, and custom formatting to your messages.

It’s a cinch to edit templates before you hit send, because you won’t have to worry about checking for simple spelling errors.

While you’re creating shortcuts, Linguix Turbo automatically checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuation using AI.

Plus, you can use the AI-powered paraphrasing tool to improve your message for clarity, so it can immediately hook your ideal audience.

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Use AI-powered grammar and paraphrasing tools to improve the quality of your messages.

Best of all, Linguix Turbo helps you optimize and automate your customer interactions across unlimited channels.

You’ll be able to integrate this tool with all your favorite apps to streamline your workflow without a hitch.

You can connect the platform with Gmail, LinkedIn, Zendesk, and even ChatGPT to instantly generate engaging content for any scenario!

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Integrate Linguix Turbo with your favorite tools and apps.

With the help of a smart writing tool, generating thoughtful, organic messages is as easy as texting “K.” (*Insert wall of text here*)

Linguix Turbo is packed with AI-powered tools to help you expand on messages and send error-free, canned responses with just one word.

Send quality messages at the press of a button.

Get lifetime access to Linguix Turbo today!

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