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90% of consumers say they will leave a company after a bad customer experience. (‘I thought I was committed to this relationship…’)

But you can’t provide exceptional customer experiences without tools that can help you handle every channel, including social media.

That’s why you need a customer support platform that can empower your team to provide winning customer experiences.

Check out AlphaCX.


AlphaCX is a support platform that helps businesses manage customers across every channel.

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You can send and receive tickets from email, social media, your webpage, and more—from one convenient dashboard.

The platform offers built-in automation to streamline support, such as email reminders, auto-responses, and custom workflows.

The built-in knowledge base helps you organize all your resources in one place, even if you host them elsewhere.

Users can search for articles, FAQs, and answers without getting frustrated. Plus, the knowledge base is mobile-friendly and accessible anytime.

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Why build an experience for customers when they have it figured out? (‘If the customer is always right, why aren’t they in the CEO’s seat?’)

AlphaCX’s built-in multichannel support features let you manage all customer interactions—from email, to chat, to social media—in one inbox.

Delight your customers.

Get lifetime access to AlphaCX today!