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Find missing queries on your website to optimize your content and boost site traffic

After creating awesome web content, you should be able to sit back and relax as your site visitors click through to your page…(*crickets*)

But in reality, you can’t attract an audience without answering their questions—and you certainly can’t anticipate every question on your own.

You need a tool that helps you find all the missing keywords on your existing web pages, and even gives you easy-to-implement site optimizations.

Say hello to WordSeek.


  • Get recommendations on an easy-to-implement tasks with suggested content
  • Find missing keywords and queries to include on your website to boost organic site traffic


WordSeek is an SEO tool that helps you find missing keywords and queries on your website so you can optimize content and boost site traffic.

WordSeek helps you quickly identify missing keywords based on query data on all your existing web pages.

Getting started is a breeze—simply connect to your Google Search Console account and then select the web pages that need to be optimized.

You’ll also be able to analyze all of your competitors, target keywords, and queries based on keywords used in Google searches.

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Identify the missing content and search queries on your website for easy optimization.

Once the analysis is done, you’ll receive all the missing search queries about those pages in CSV format.

The datasetincludes relevant keywords with metricslike impressions, average position, and average CTR, so you’ll know which ones to prioritize.

Best of all, you can receive optimization suggestions including page content improvements, new page content, and FAQ sections.

wordseek lifetime deal 2
Identify the missing content and search queries on your website for easy optimization.

Just follow WordSeek’s keyword optimization suggestions, and you’ll end up with increased impressions and a higher average position!

Thanks to the Overview Dashboard, you can monitor the results of your website optimization efforts to gain more insights.

Plus, you can track the number of pages optimized, new impressions, new clicks, and average position, making it easy to review your results over time.

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Keep track of website optimization suggestions.

Best of all, WordSeek allows you to cross-reference site content with Google Search Console and optimize selected pages.

You canrun an analysis on your website, a group of pages, or a single page to learn exactly how to improve your blog content.

And because the platform can analyze unlimited URLs, you can keep tweaking, testing, and perfecting your content on a regular basis.

wordseek lifetime deal 4
Monitor missing query data on keywords based on clicks, impressions, and average position.

Without the right tool, figuring out which keywords to use for your website can feel like you’re playing Scrabble without a dictionary. (“Um, I don’t think ‘FML’ is a word.”)

Lucky for you, WordSeek gives you everything you need to find missing queries so you can improve your website’s content and increase your site traffic.

Use the right keywords, every time.

Get lifetime access to WordSeek today!