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Take control of your YouTube video optimization with VidChapter’s cutting-edge AI technology.

VidChapter is a ground-breaking tool that uses advanced AI technology to generate timestamped chapters for your YouTube and Vimeo videos.

It’s a content creator’s dream come true—finally, you can save hours of hard work, increase your video’s reach and discoverability, and offer an enhanced viewing experience for your audience.

Your video optimization process is as simple as 1-2-3:

1) Enter a YouTube or Vimeo URL: Copy and paste the URL of the video you want to enhance.

2) Generate: VidChapter’s AI will instantly analyze your video and generate chapters, tags, titles, and descriptions.

3) Post and Prosper: Paste the AI-generated content into your video description, publish, and watch as your engagement rates soar.

As content creators ourselves, we understood the struggle of optimizing videos for SEO and viewer engagement.

That’s when we decided to develop VidChapter. We wanted to create a tool that simplifies the video optimization process, enabling creators to produce high-quality content without spending hours on tedious tasks.


  • Generate engaging chapters with timestamps, optimized tags, and captivating descriptions for your YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Transform your videos, make your content stand out, and enhance viewer engagement


Heads-up: the cool kids on YouTube now have timestamped chapters ⏰ and key moments ? , so be part of the in-crowd! ?

Your Ultimate Toolkit for Video Optimization

Whether you’re a YouTube enthusiast or a Vimeo aficionado, VidChapter is here to empower you with a comprehensive set of tools for video success.

Our all-in-one platform streamlines the video optimization process, saving you valuable time while delivering remarkable results on both YouTube and Vimeo.

For YouTube creators, VidChapter provides a powerful arsenal of features to enhance your videos and captivate your audience.

Our automated chapter generation effortlessly creates timestamped chapters, enabling seamless navigation for your viewers. This boosts viewer retention and watch time, crucial for channel growth.

Unlock the full potential of your YouTube videos with VidChapter’s AI-powered SEO optimization. Our technology generates captivating descriptions that entice viewers, incorporating strategic keywords for improved discoverability.

We also offer SEO-optimized tags and attention-grabbing titles to ensure your videos reach the right audience and stand out in search results.

Google and YouTube are giving VIP passes (higher ranking) to videos with timestamped chapters, hence the need to outsource your videos to VidChapter.

Take your videos from good to extraordinary, elevate your YouTube content, and streamline your workflow with VidChapter.

Leverage AI to Generate Titles, Tags, and Video Descriptions

Titles are the first thing viewers see, and they can significantly impact your click-through rate. VidChapter AI analyzes your video content and generates compelling, SEO-optimized titles that attract viewers and get them to click on your video.

With natural language processing capabilities, AI understand the context of your video and creates a title that accurately represents your content while being attractive to viewers.

Tags play an important role in making your videos discoverable on platforms like YouTube. However, finding the right tags can be challenging.

VidChapter AI eases this process by analyzing your video and generating appropriate tags. These tags help categorize your video correctly and increase its visibility in related search results, leading to more views and higher engagement.

Video descriptions provide viewers and search engines with information about your video’s content. VidChapter AI crafts comprehensive and engaging descriptions that both captivate your audience and incorporate relevant keywords for SEO. This increases the likelihood of your videos showing up in search results and being clicked.

Improve viewer retention and skyrocket your channel’s growth with VidChapter’s intelligent tools designed for creators.

Vimeo and Multiple Format Support

Vimeo creators, rejoice! Our advanced features aren’t just limited to YouTube; here’s how we can enhance your Vimeo content:

Enhanced Viewer Experience: Use VidChapter’s automated timestamp chapters feature to break down your content into digestible segments, offering a superior viewing experience to your audience.

Optimized Video Content: VidChapter’s AI capabilities aren’t just limited to YouTube. Optimize your Vimeo videos with SEO-friendly descriptions, tags, and titles, making your content stand out.

Unlock More Viewers Reach: By enhancing your content and making it more discoverable, you’ll reach a broader audience on Vimeo, increasing your content’s views and engagement.

Bring Flexibility to Your Content

Just like YouTube and Vimeo, VidChapter helps you generate SEO-friendly descriptions, tags, and titles for your uploaded subtitles files, making them more discoverable.

Multiple Format Support: Whether you have SRT, VTT, SBV, or STL files, VidChapter can handle them all, extracting valuable information to optimize your videos.

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