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Utas Is the All-In-One Platform To Boost Your Sales On Social Media

Utas,  the simplest and most cost-effective tool to Boost engagement and conversions bio links that send push notifications.

Are you looking for a tool to boost your sales and increase the traffic to your sites? Would you like to put your hands on a tool that will help you boost your sales by taking advantage of social media bio—organize everything, link to anything, and create a likable social sales profile for you and your sales team?

Introducing Utas

Key features

  • Push Notification: Send notifications to your customer’s browser. Hassle-free and no setup required at all. Use it to announce new products, new content, discounts, and more.
  • Lead generation: Collect your prospect’s data dan convert them into loyal customers
  • Consultations: You can offer consultations on Utas using google connect or by text messages.
  • Domain: Use your custom domain on Utas and make your sales profile looks more professional.
  • URL Shortener: Make the shorter URL and share it wherever you want.
  • Schedule Post (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest): You can schedule posts on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest using Utas.
  • Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics: Make the shorter URL and share it wherever you want.
  • Ecommerce: Sell products directly with Utas.
  • Mailer: The feature allows you to send messages to all of your customers in bulk via email with just one click
  • Alternative to: Linktree, Switchy,

Utas has jam-packed features that will make your sales process more accessible and more flexible.

You can start by creating what we call: Sales profile; it’s a profile to put in your bio that shows who you are, a link to every content that you produce anywhere, and every possible way to contact you.

You will get your unique URL, but you can use your domain to make your sales profile more professional. And, of course, you can change your profile appearance any way you like.

Push Notifications

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  • The main value proposition of Utas is, that people can build their audience with push notifications, without a website and custom domain
  • You can schedule the push notifications and will automatically send the notifications to your subscribers based on the time you set.
  • You can share anything that you want with your subscribers, such as:
    • New product
    • Latest promotions
    • Latest articles, etc.

Custom Domain

utas lifetime deal 2

Link Shortener

utas lifetime deal 3
  • Each time you post a link to utas, it will automatically get shortened to utas.to/customtext. So you basically just post your link.
  • You can get the link from your Utas Profile, or from your post dashboard.
  • There will be analytics for each and every link.
  • We are still development for the report analytics downloaded. So, the report analytics can not be downloaded temporarily.
  • You can custom the link shortener for each post with a custom domain. It is automatically getting shorten to sub.yourdomain.com/x/customtext if you set the custom domain in profile settings

Scheduled Posts

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  • You can schedule posts on Instagram using Utas.
  • Schedule posts for Facebook and Pinterest are coming soon.
  • You can schedule Utas post and Instagram separately.

Lead Generation Form

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  • You can use the built-in form in Utas. All the data will be forwarded to your email. Here’s the tutorial.
  • You can integrate Utas and KIRIM.EMAIL directly.
  • You can use Utas form with any other ESP by copying the form code into Utas

Changing Profile Layouts

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Utas has a default profile layout. By using the Utas appearance feature, you can change the profile layout with one of the styles provided.

Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics

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  • Track your visitor behavior and revenue using our powerful integration with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Just input your tracking ID and you are ready to go. No technical skill is required.

Features Included in All Plans

  • Lifetime access to Utas
  • All future updates to the respective plans
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Access to all the basic and advanced features included in each plan

Get lifetime access to Utas today!