TechTracker Lifetime Deal

TechTracker LTD

Leverage data to generate laser targeted leads, instantly.

As an entrepreneur, you have to wear one too many hats to grow your business. Generating targeted leads should not be one of them.

How about you receiving instant alerts when a prospect installs a new tool or technology on their website?

What if you don’t have to hunt for leads anymore, and laser targeted leads start hitting your inbox?

TechTracker constantly tracks when new businesses install a product you wanna track, and pulls the details of those businesses for you.

Setting up the alerts with TechTracker is super simple:

  • Sign in to the platform and type in a technology/product that you want to track
  • You’ll be notified instantly via Emails & Slack when a new website installs the product you are tracking
  • Now, that’s a hot lead you should add to your CRM, and work on your marketing campaign to convert
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It’s instant, accurate, and invaluable!

Over 5,000+ technologies are being tracked, across 10 Million domain names (and another, 200 Million domain names are being added while you’re reading this) at the moment to help you identify laser-targeted leads, with your products/services.

Let’s take a quick look at the top features of TechTracker!

  • Product Installation Alerts: Get instant notifications every time a new website installs a product/tech you are tracking. You’ll be able to approach these clients within the trial period and pitch a product
  • Competitor Product Usage: Keep track of your competitor’s products, and see who uses them. With TechTracker, you can unlock the user insights of your competitors, from demographics to the industry they fall under
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  • Product Discontinuation Alerts: You’ll receive alerts when a business discontinues using a certain tech/product.These are most likely the businesses that are unhappy with a particular product, and you can follow this lead to suggest a better alternative (Hint: your product)
  • Domain Tracker: Follow a specific domain/business and get notified when the business is trying out new tech. TechTracker will keep you updated on all the products they add to or remove from their website
  • Chrome Extension: You can get the details of the technology used on any website, using their chrome extension (part of this deal)
  • Instant Keyword Alerts: You can track the keywords for each technology/product you are following. So you can target the leads who fall under your niche (expected in May ’20)

And much more …

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Normally, TechTracker charges $195/month for tracking 2 technologies & 2 website alerts.

But you don’t have to pay the same. You are a part of the SaaS Mantra Family.

For just $59/lifetime, you can track 5 technologies alerts, 5 keyword alerts & 10 website alerts, each month.

Need more leads? We have sweetened the deal furthermore for you.

Plus, you can stack up to 10 deals per account to track up to 100 technologies, 100 keywords, 100 website alerts & export whopping 200,000 leads per month.

And, this also includes all the future updates & integrations to the product.