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Strell LTD

Content research and optimization infrastructure for organic growth

Tired of pouring your heart into content that gets lost on Google’s 10th page?

Say goodbye to SEO headaches and hello to Strell!

This cutting-edge tool finds easy-to-rank keywords and decodes Google’s ranking criteria to gain higher rankings. Write SEO-optimized content with the help of NLP terms, while Strell reveals exactly what Google needs to see on the page. No more guessing or chasing algorithms – just effortless SEO workflow that finds weak keywords and helps you get high-ranking.

Save time, boost visibility, and dominate search engines like a pro.


  • Strell helps SEOs and content marketers to research, write and optimize content to grow their organic search traffic
  • Find easy-to-rank keywords easily


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Strell is a Powerful suite of tools that empowers you to uncover really Low-competition keywords, optimize your content, and outperform your competitors.

If you prefer manual SERP analysis and doubt KD scores from other tools, Strell is your time-saving solution! Meet LCKR – your gateway to finding real weak keywords effortlessly.

With Strell’s LCKR, generate Google Auto Suggest keyword reports, and analyze weak spots like low DA authority websites, Quora, Reddit, and forums.

You can import your own keyword reports for SERP analysis. Uncover hidden treasures with wildcard (*) searches, leaving competitors in awe.

Keyword Report comes with an inbuilt Search VolumeSupports 60+ languages and 190+ locations.

Real-time SERP Analysis fetches PAA questions and related searches for each keyword you analyze. Also, get insights into competition and identify low-competition websites in your niche.

The clustering feature helps you to group similar intent keywords based on SERP Similarity.

Find low-competition keywords and surpass your competitors.

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Content editor helps you write optimized content easily.

Strell’s Content Editor empowers you with AI-driven content research from the Top 20 organic competitors, enabling you to craft hyper-relevantSEO-optimized content within hours.

Begin with your desired word count, incorporate suggested NLP terms, and strategically place the main keyword with precise density in titlesheaders, and paragraphs.

Monitor your progress with the content score and aim for the highest score to achieve top SERP rankings.

Strell’s Content Editor provides an extensive array of features, including support for 40+ languages and over 1000 cities and countries.

It also offers NLP terms support, the ability to create outlines and briefs, and precise tracking of body and header counts.

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The audit feature compares your main keyword with more than 190+ On-Page SEO factors.

With Strell’s Audit feature, you can optimize your page using a primary keyword with ease.

Strell offers valuable insights, identifying areas where your page may be lacking, highlighting NLP term usage, and identifying content structure errors.

It precisely compares all on-page SEO signals with those of ideal competitors, providing you with a comprehensive cheat sheet to achieve higher rankings. Select your preferred competitors for a comparative analysis and assessment.

Additionally, Strell supports over 40 languages and encompasses more than 1000 cities and countries.

Accurately tracks both body and header counts, ensuring you maintain exact keyword densities for maximum impact.

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