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Address negative feedback and increase the number of glowing reviews – with a little AI help.

Growing your business is tough when you don’t know how your existing customers feel about it.

Might as well dust off the Ouija board for answers and see what happens.

You know that dealing with negative feedback is crucial. If you don’t address it promptly to prevent it from tarnishing the hard-earned reputation of your business.

But there’s also an extra way to run the extra mile: Imagine efficiently managing private negative feedback, transforming it into positive experiences and glowing public reviews, all while engaging in authentic conversations with your customers.

You need a tool that simplifies the tasks of streamline feedback collection and management, improve your online reputation, and uncover growth opportunities.

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  • Manage customer feedback, transforming negative experiences into glowing public reviews to boost your online reputation
  • Complete the customer feedback loop and spot growth opportunities
  • Reward customers for their feedback with automatic, customized coupons and build loyalty
  • Gate feedback experiences and allow customers to provide video or written tesimonials directly on relevant platforms — with a little AI help


Spokk is a customer feedback platform that helps you collect and manage honest feedback about your business, then turn it into compelling reviews.

Imagine getting instant feedback from your customers and then transforming it into compelling reviews!

Spokk takes all that data – the scores, ratings, and even the written comments, and uses AI to craft a unique public review.

This means less manual work for your customers and more reviews for you.

The best part? Your customer can edit the AI-generated review however they like before posting. It’s their authentic voice, powered by Spokk’s smart tech.

Why does this matter? Because 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. Reviews build trust and credibility, which is essential for growing your business.

Once the review is ready, you can prompt the customer to post it on any site you want. Just send them to your preferred review platform with a click of a button and see your review count climb. Easy peasy.

More reviews on the sites that matter most to your business means increased visibility, traffic, and sales. Spokk helps you turn private feedback into public reviews that build your online reputation.

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Spokk generates AI-written reviews based on customer feedback and lets them edit before posting. It’s like magic ✨

Want to know exactly what drives customer satisfaction? We’ve got you covered. Here’s how to unlock in-depth insights:

Customize Your Ratings: Ditch generic feedback. Track what matters to you – product quality, ease of use, support…you name it!

And because each attribute uses a 5-star rating scale, you’ll quickly spot areas to celebrate or improve.

Spotlight Your Staff: Customers can rate individual employees too. See who’s a customer service superstar and where there’s room to improve.

Tell the Whole Story: Stars are great, but words are powerful. Customers can share detailed thoughts and experiences in a handy text field.

All these ratings and comments feed into an AI-powered testimonial generator, crafting compelling reviews that showcase what your business does best.

So not only will you understand your customers and employees better, you’ll also have ready-made marketing content at your fingertips. Talk about a win-win.

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Get the Full Picture: Track Customer Happiness and Staff Performance

Tired of one-sided feedback? Spokk lets you turn customer feedback into conversations.

When a customer shares their email on a feedback form, you can seamlessly reply right from Spokk. They will get a notification to continue the conversation on a chat-like page.

This is where you turn feedback into dialogue. Customers can share more, you can dig deeper, and everyone ends up happier.

It’s a complete feedback loop that keeps customers engaged and coming back.

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Close the Feedback Loop, Boost Customer Satisfaction

Want more feedback AND more sales? This feature makes it a breeze.

When customers leave feedback, you can automatically or manually send them a coupon code as a thank-you (or as an apology for any less-than-satisfactory experience).

This gives customers an irresistible incentive to provide feedback and testimonials.

It’s a win-win. You get more sales from those discounts, feedback, and reviews to build trust. And your customers get rewarded with discounts on products they already love.

Ready to turbocharge your customer feedback? Set up feedback coupons today and watch your sales and reviews skyrocket.

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Get More Sales & Reviews with Feedback Coupons

Maintaining a consistent stream of sanitized customer feedback and positive reviews, while managing negative feedback, can be quite a challenge.

Spokk simplifies your customer feedback process, helping you gather valuable insights, reviews, and engage with your customers – all while saving you time and sanity.

Elevate your online reputation and enhance your business’s customer satisfaction levels today with Spokk.

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