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 Content marketing is one of the highest ROI marketing activities you can do, but you need quality content to create it. (‘Anybody got a copywriter I can hire cheaply?’)

You need quality content to create high-quality content, and you can’t do it without quality content.

That’s why you need a content creator that uses AI to generate readable, SEO-optimized content based on your industry, your competitor’s rankings, and even how (or if) you rank in SERPs. All at scale.

Create content at scale with Shopia.


  • SEO automation & insights – Find the right keywords then generate content based on top ranking articles & key SEO metrics
  • Bulk content generator
  • Send and schedule content to 5000+ apps
  • Read & write in 25+ languages


Shopia is a content automation platform that uses AI to generate fresh, unique content for you in seconds.

Over 50 AI writers include bulk generators that combine to inject your content with personality.

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Bulk content generator – upload a CSV and generate 1000’s of product descriptions or any other content from our 50+ writers

From small blogs to established content teams, Shopia’s AI content writer adapts to your specific needs.

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Analyze your pages’ SEO and content marketing metrics to find relevant topics.

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Search for images using the copy and paste method (Amazon, Flickr, Google, and more).

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Use the bold, italic, underline, and other formatting tools to transform a list of keywords into a fantastic long-form piece.

From there, you can optimize for quality, copy, and conversions.

Once your content is ready, schedule it for approval or distribution.

You can also activate the 1000+ apps via our Zapier integration to auto-transfer your content to anywhere.


Content generation could be so much faster if you could just get someone else to do it. (‘I need a holiday.’)

With Shopia, you can automate your content creation process, generate content based on top SERPS, or generate SEO-ready, high-quality content for your blog, social media, and website.

Generate content effortlessly.

Get lifetime access to Shopia today!