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SEOcrawl LTD

SEO is complicated. (‘Google’s algorithm is too secretive, so you can never be certain what you’re doing right.’)

It can be hard to know what you’re actually doing well, and what you should be doing better.

That’s why you need a platform to help you monitor your SEO strategies, set goals, and plan campaigns.

Check out SEOcrawl.


SEOcrawl gives you and your team the ability to analyze over 16 months of Search Console and Google Analytics data.

Analyze the ranking of keywords, URLs, and popular countries in their local versions.

With SEOcrawl, you’ll also have access to over 20 custom-made SEO dashboards.

SEOcrawl lifetime deal with 20 custom-made SEO dashboards
Monitor historical data, unique insights, and key metrics with over 20 custom-made SEO dashboards.

Compare keyword rankings on different search engines, identify which pages receive the most traffic, and uncover hidden SEO opportunities.

See the impact of organic and paid traffic by highlighting the top landing pages and pages receiving the most clicks globally.

SEOcrawl lifetime deal can track unlimited URLs and keywords
Track unlimited URLs and monitor their traffic evolution month by month.

Plus, analyze your growth trends over time and uncover conversion opportunities.

SEOcrawl ltd helps you find golden keywords
Get real-time performance data on top keywords to identify new SEO opportunities.

Heat maps show you the click areas of your page, and you can edit them to highlight areas with the highest click rates.

With SEOcrawl, you’ll also have access to weekly or monthly SEO newsletters.

The newsletters are automatically generated, so you’ll be able to access the latest data whenever you want.

Get informed on the latest ranking changes, traffic forecasts, keywords and URLs, growth trends, and more.

Collect and compare data from all your SEO tools, teams and clients in one place.

Link to the SEOreports generated with SEOcrawl with Slack, email, dropbox, or other platforms.

Track SEO tasks, prioritize projects, and share news and updates with your team.

Use SEOcrawl’s kanban board to organize SEO tasks, assign tasks to team members, and check the progress of your team’s SEO projects.

SEOcrawl lifetime deal has a built-in Task Organizer
With the built-in Task Organizer, you can collaborate with your team on SEO projects.

And as an agency or entrepreneur, you’ll be able to onboard clients and keep track of all your workflows in one place.

Best of all, SEOcrawl will notify you of visibility changes after Google algorithm updates. You’ll be able to stay one step ahead in SEO.


When you can’t rely on Google’s Search Console and Google Analytics to tell you what’s working and what’s not, it’s easy to lose valuable traffic and conversions. (‘Meanwhile, your competitors are raking in the money.’)

SEOcrawl makes it easy for you to stay on top of your project with analytics that you can rely on.

SEOcrawl keeps tabs on over 30 SEO metrics, then sends you a weekly SEO report in your inbox.

Discover what’s working and what isn’t.

Get lifetime access to SEOcrawl today!