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Revolutionize content creation with AI-powered prompt automation and web-scraping tools.

Figuring out how to get AI to generate great content can feel like you’re solving your own riddle. (“Any chance you can write a prompt to write a great prompt?”)

The thing is, you’re not actually saving time on content tasks if you’re stuck feeding random prompts to an AI writer and hoping you’ll strike gold.

If only there was an AI-powered tool that could scrape data from existing content and whip up dynamic prompts like magic.

Introducing SEO Content Machine.


  • Leverage scraped data and AI to create dynamic prompts for generating high-ranking content
  • Analyze top-ranked websites to generate unique, keyword-rich content


SEO Content Machine combines scraping tools with AI to automate dynamic prompts and generate high-ranking content that drives site traffic.

SEO Content Machine can generate dynamic AI prompts based on scraped data from the web, giving you winning prompts right at your fingertips.

Getting started is a breeze—simply paste keywords based on the content that you want. There’s no limit, so you can get super specific.

From there, this tool will analyze scraped content from top-ranking websites to whip up timely, relevant prompts.

AI writing assistant
Analyze top content on Google to get the right prompts for your website.

SEO Content Machine can also open pages in a live browser to scrape the content you want.

You’ll be able to use AI to regenerate all the copy into unique content that fits your brand’s vibe.

With this one tool, you can create content and post it to your WordPress blogs. You can even automate this entire step with the cron-based scheduler!

Web page scraper
Scrape content on a live browser to generate content that sounds original.

SEO Content Machine can also scrape images and videos related to your keywords to level up your content.

Even better, you’ll be able to choose to scrape only free image sources, keeping your creative costs super low.

Want to know how this tool is sourcing info? View the steps the AI took to create content and verify if it’s following the right protocol.

Article creator
Create AI-generated articles based on scraped content and see the entire process in the task log.

Best of all, SEO Content Machine integrates with popular rewriting tools including Spin Rewriter AI and Chimp Rewriter.

Since it supports multiple languages and translators, like Google Translate, LibreTranslate, and Bing Translate, you can scrape and generate content in any language.

You’ll also get support for tools like OpenAI, Google Gemini, Article Forge, and Pexels, giving you everything you need to publish game-changing content.

Connect with translators and language spinners to generate content in any language.

SEO Content Machine lets you scrape websites to generate dynamic prompts, so you can create high-ranking, relevant content without breaking a sweat.

Grow your site with AI prompts.

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