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SellMeThisPen AI LTD

Leverage AI sales coaching, realistic role-play, and real-time assistance to nail your next sales call.

No matter how flashy your sales deck is, it’s not going to be able to literally speak for you. (“But I color-coded my pie charts and everything!”)

In addition to sharing visuals, you’ve also got to talk about important stats, take detailed notes, and not let your nerves distract you from closing.

Good thing there’s a tool that can prep you for every sales call using practice scenarios, AI coaching, and detailed feedback.

Meet SellMeThisPen AI.


  • Role-play different scenarios with realistic, conversational AI buyers to prepare for real sales calls
  • Leverage real-time assistance during your calls, let AI take your notes, and get immediate feedback


SellMeThisPen AI is the AI sales coach that uses role-play, note-taking, and real-time assistance to help you close more deals.

SellMeThisPen AI lets you role-play different sales scenarios with realistic, conversational AI buyers to prepare you for anything.

The AI will set up scenarios based on your product and Ideal Customer Profile, so your practice sessions feel like the real deal.

That means you can practice your pitch and handle objections for any kind of call to confidently close more deals.

AI role-play
Role-play different scenarios with realistic, conversational AI buyers to prepare for real sales calls.

With real-time AI assistance for every call, you’ll never get tongue-tied or lose track of what you’re supposed to say.

The AI will automatically flag if you’re talking too much or interrupting prospects. It’ll even help you overcome objections before the call ends!

Get access to pre-built playbooks that implement the best sales practices—or you can upload your own tried-and-true playbooks.

Real-time AI assistance
With real-time AI assistance, you’ll always ask the right questions and overcome objections.

SellMeThisPen AI also gives you actionable feedback and a call score for real sales calls and role-play sessions.

This information reveals what’s working for you and what you can improve, ensuring that every call ends with a sale.

Thanks to all this hands-on AI coaching, you can become an expert closer and knock your KPIs out of the park.

AI feedback
This AI coach gives you actionable feedback and scores for both real or practice calls.

Stop trying to multitask during your calls! Let AI take all your notes so you can focus on steering the conversation forward.

You’ll even get a detailed summary with important talking points and a full transcript that you can refer back to.

SellMeThisPenAI even lets you sync call notes to your CRM, making it easy to keep your records up-to-date.

AI call summary
Get an AI-generated summary with important talking points and sync it to your CRM.

With SellMeThisPen AI’s realistic role-play, real-time assistance, and expert coaching, you can nail every sales call from here on out.

Close more deals.

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