Saleshub LTD

Build relationships and close 3x more deals with Automated Sales Outreach

This is 2020. You cannot send cold emails all the time & pray the Sales-God to help you.

You need to collect the details of those who are interested in your offers (products, services, special discounts, etc.) and build relationships with them.

What if you could reach out to all your website visitors, send personalized messages, build meaningful relationships, and close deals faster than ever?

All this without even needing them to register or subscribe to you!

Saleshub is an all-in-one Sales Automation platform to laser target your outreach & automate your LinkedIn connections on the go.

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You can get started in 4 simple steps:

  • Insert the tracking code on your website
  • Connect your LinkedIn and your Email to your Saleshub account
  • Create an automation workflow, or choose one from the templates
  • Start building relationships & close sales like never before!

Isn’t LinkedIn automation risky? How do you play safe? Tell me more, Charlie!

With thousands of users across the world, Saleshub has been in the market since 2015 & plays by the rules, and within the limits.

You are in safe hands!

Now let’s explore some of the top features.

Email Finder

Build the list of emails of your potential customers, along with their details like company, position, location, etc.

With multi-level filtering, it is easier to target your messages to the right audience.

Visitor tracking

Connect to those who are visiting your website, or any particular page on your website.

Saleshub will help you find the companies they work for and connect you with them via LinkedIn & Cold emails.

This way you can approach only the leads that are interested in doing business with you.

Workflow automation

Choose from one of the workflow templates that are tried & tested by thousands of users.

Or, create your own to automate your relationship-building, through LinkedIn and email with Saleshub’s sequence builder.

For eg: You can create a Yes/No flow, for every time a visitor lands on your webpages.

You can also create unique workflow automation, for every page on your website.

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Playbook a.k.a Sequences

Devise your own strategy for your sales campaign such as daily email quota, number of contacts, adding an unsubscribe link, etc.

You can also obtain data on your active playbooks such as the number of opened emails, replied emails, setting up the actions upon replies, etc.

Unlimited Users

Saleshub offers unlimited users on your account, i.e., you can send emails from ‘N’ number of email addresses.

You can invite your clients, peers, etc., and set the number of contacts they can email to, from the unified dashboard.


Create & assign tasks to your teammates, so your Sales team knows what they should be working on to close more leads.

Set up the due dates as well, so they don’t miss out on any

Scheduling & Analytics

Not only you decide exactly when your campaigns are to be sent out, but also you’ll able to set the number of emails to be sent out daily.

With detailed analytics in place, you can keep a track of important stats such as Open Rate, Click Rate for your campaigns, you’ll know exactly what’s working and what’s not, to improve your approach.

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There are 14+ integrations including Slack, Zapier, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc. & more are getting added.

We can keep talking about the features all day long, but we want you to sign up & try yourself.

Saleshub users are paying $59/month for 5 automation and 1,500 contacts per month.

You are not paying that… No way!

We have struck a very special & exclusive deal for you today.

Today, you can get access to Saleshub for just $49/lifetime for 5 automations, and connect with 3,000 contacts each month.

And you can stack up to 10 deals per account (30,000 active contacts per month)

Plus, this also includes all the future updates & integrations.

Get lifetime access to Saleshub now!