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Salescamp LTD

Your sales team is essential to growing your company. But the problem is that it’s hard for them to focus on all of their tasks at once.

Salescamp helps you manage every step of the sales process so your reps can close more deals faster than ever before.

With Salescamp, each member of your team has access to a powerful suite of tools designed specifically for their role in the sales cycle. From lead generation and email outreach to pipeline management and reporting, Salescamp CRM has everything they need right where they need it.

Plus with integrations into Slack and other top apps, getting real-time updates couldn’t be any easier!


  • All-in-one Sales CRM suite that is fully customizable and extremely easy to use.
  • Get an instant overview of the health of your deals in the ‘Deal Pipeline’ view.
  • Manage your emails, calls & SMS, offers and invoices directly inside Salescamp.
  • Get advanced insights into your goal performance, activity tracking, and closed revenue.

Step 1: Connect Your Email, Phone & Import Any Contacts

Simply connect your email, phone & import any contacts and Salescamp will help you stay organized with one central place for all things sales.

Step 2: Automatically Record Sales Activity From All Your Sales Channels

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After connecting your email and phone, Salescamp will automatically record activity with the 2-way email sync.

You can send fully personalized emails, bulk emails, and calls directly from your Salescamp dashboard. 

Want to automate your sales? Create fully automated email sequences to send follow-up emails on autopilot. 

Get insights in who has seen your emails and how frequently, so you know who’s ready to buy, and who needs some extra attention.

Step 3: Close More Deals In The Visual Deal Pipeline

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Never miss a sales opportunity with the visual deal pipeline.

Get a clear overview of your deals that are in progress, need a follow-up, or are won!

With the daily sales overview, you never forget a follow-up or meeting again! The Salescamp dashboard will show you exactly what’s up for today.

Step 4: Automate And Grow Sales With Advanced Sales Insights

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Quickly understand and predict your business growth with easy-to-understand and beautifully designed sales reporting.

Understand the performance of your sales team and prepare your sales report with valuable data on sales performance to see how to grow your business further.

Get Ready To Supercharge Your Sales Team With The Stunning All-In-One Sales CRM

Supercharge your sales team and business revenues with the fully customizable and stunning all-in-one Sales CRM suite. 

Normally you would pay up to $1440/year, but for a limited time only you can get lifetime access starting at $89 one-time.

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