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RateMe.Link LTD

Gather unlimited customer feedback and multiply your online reviews on multiple review platforms from the satisfied customers just using a single Rateme link.

Get more online reviews from your happy customers

We know having positive reviews on the internet today is very important for any business but collecting them is indeed a difficult task. And if you reach that high positive reviews mark, it will immediately make your brand and business look more credible.

Every business wants to get a positive review everywhere and especially on the public review sites. So, if your business is also a part of multiple public review sites then it is extremely essential for your business to reach that 5-Star mark.

But are you failing to get that? Is it because you are asking your customers to drop a review anywhere and everywhere by sending them multiple links for all those platforms? It’s infuriating, and they won’t drop a review if you would do that. You may instead end up getting a bad review. So, why do you not make it easy and quick for them?

With this tool, you don’t have to worry about getting the positive feedback and rating anymore!

ConvertDeal presents RateMe.Link – Gather unlimited customer feedback and multiply your online reviews on multiple review platforms from the satisfied customers just using a single Rateme link. It could be on Google, Trustpilot, and on any other public review site of your choice.

This is the “5-stars rating page” to safely invite customers to get better feedback and reviews for your business. A simple and affordable way to get more positive online reviews from happy customers. You can also detect the dissatisfaction before bad reviews happen.

With Rateme.link, you can –

  • Easily and safely discover how your customers rate you.
  • Detect dissatisfaction – and fix it – before negative reviews happen
  • Constantly win more reviews from happy customers on the sites you care about
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Learn more about Rateme.link –

Get your “5-stars rating page” –

Within only a few clicks (just fill in the blanks) you’ll have your own user-friendly, clean, crisp, frictionless 1-click “5-stars rating page”. That’s the starting point of a smart rating process, guiding your happy customers to constantly leave you more reviews on any review site relevant to you.

You get a simple, powerful landing page to easily and safely ask your customers for ratings, capturing feedback and guiding them to the review sites that matter to you.

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Private Feedback Dashboard – Always stay on top of your ratings and customer feedback. Watch ratings and comments as they come in.

Share your RateMe.link with every customer –

Start sharing your RateMe.link – on your website, by email, social media, text. Each link also comes with a QR Code making it easy for you to share it offline too. You can simply add the QR code on your store, printed materials, tabletop displays, stickers, bills, delivery slips, invoices, etc. There is no easier and safer way to discover what your customers think of you.

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Instant Feedback Notification – Instantly get notified about customer experiences so you can act quickly.

Gather more online reviews from happy customers –

In a well-thought-out rating process your satisfied customers are gently guided to write a review, enabling them to easily post to the review sites you’ve specified. Google Business, Yelp, Facebook, TrustPilot or any other industry specific, Rateme.link works with any public review site.

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Dissatisfaction Detection with private feedback –

Capture poor customer experiences before they turn into bad online reviews and fix the experience. If the rating process finds an unhappy customer, you’ll get immediate private feedback. That way you’ll always get a chance to fix poor experiences before bad reviews happen.

Build trustworthiness, reputation and credibility –

A constant stream of reviews from happy customers keeps your reviews profile up-to-date and trustworthy. Customers and search engines prefer businesses with more and fresher reviews. And with many positive reviews coming from happy customers will help you up your average rating and prove the credibility of your business.

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Works with any review site – It works well with Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, TrustPilot, or any industry specific site – if they have a public website, Rateme.link will send your reviewers there.

Fast and Responsive on all devices – It works on any phone, tablet, and a desktop. Works on all devices and loads faster no matter the speed.

Works for all the businesses – Your customers could be anyone. RateMe.link will work for your business on the added public review platforms even if you have a website.

Online and Offline – Distribute your RateMe.link by email, text, messenger, social media, or use the link’s QR code and print it on stickers, bills, invoices, delivery slips, etc.

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What’s the Benefit of using Rateme.link?

  • Get Straightforward, zero-friction, and user-friendly rating process.
  • You don’t need to own a website
  • Get instant feedback notifications
  • A feedback dashboard to keep track of ratings and reviews
  • Learn immediately about Negative reviews and connect with the user to convert them to positive reviews
  • Works with any review site that takes public reviews
  • Simple setup with no integration steps and no technical knowledge required

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Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online or Offline Businesses
  • Local businesses
  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Small Agencies
  • Solopreneurs

With Rateme.link, get your own “5-stars rating page” to safely invite every customer to rate and review you. It’s a pleasant, zero-friction rating experience and a safe, super-effective way to collect great reviews.

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