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Turn your creative vision into reality with precise visual prompt guides for swiftly AI-images generation

Crafting the perfect AI art prompt can often feel like playing a game of charades with a robot. You say “sunset,” but it hears is “sunburnt.”

You want to take full advantage of the AI art that is blooming  everywhere, but there’s a world of difference between what’s in your head and what ends up on the screen.

Even when you have the ideal model image as your inspiration, transforming it into your own can be a challenging journey of experimentation. Wasted time and AI credits just for ending with something far from ideal or even unusable.

Imagine a tool that serves as a bridge between your vision and the final artwork, turning your rough ideas into sharp images with ease. Is there a genie tool that can grant your digital art wishes with precise prompts?

Say hello to PromptsGenii.


  • Transform your abstract ideas into stunning AI art with intuitive visual cues, ensuring your vision is captured accurately and creatively every time
  • Boost your AI art creativity – Design accurately and save time & AI credits
  • Explore a wide range of visual filters to enhance your creativity and create stunning AI art seamlessly


PromptsGenii is an AI prompt generator that streamlines your creative process by providing expertly crafted prompts, ensuring your art resonates with precision and flair.

Turn ‘I can’t explain it’ into ‘That’s just right!’. With PromptsGenii‘s massive image library and filters, finding the right style for your art is as simple as scrolling through your photo album.

The extensive library offers every image style you can imagine, from the classics to modern art. It’s like visiting an art gallery where each piece sparks ideas for your next work.

For example, in the ‘Techniques’ section, pick from 3D painting, calligraphy, CGI, and dozens of other options. Each comes with a visual guide to help you decide.

Just browse, select, and PromptsGenii will do the rest, fitting the perfect prompt to your vision. 

PromptsGenii is directly integrated into the interface of the AI apps you use, thanks to their browser extension. This means you don’t have to waste time going back and forth checking multiple resources from different sources!

With new categories and inspirations continually enriching the collection, finding the exact art style you need gets easier every day.

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The image library help users find the right keywords for their imagination, ideas, or layouts easily, all from the same interface.

PromptsGenii brings the art studio to you, without ever leaving your creative space.

The handy Chrome extension is like a silent muse, popping up as a sidebar within your favorite AI image generators—Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Bing Create, and more.

For instance, as you’re crafting images in ChatGPT, you can simultaneously peruse PromptsGenii’s extensive library, draw inspiration, and construct your ideal prompt without ever leaving the interface.

It’s like having a personal art assistant by your side, ensuring your creative session flows without disruption.

With PromptsGenii, inspiration and creation are just a sidebar away, no matter which image generator you want to use. It integrates seamlessly with any browser AI art generator, such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney, and many more.

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Craft your AI art in your favorite AI tool while PromptsGenii’s sidebar serves up inspiration and perfect prompts on the spot.”

Frustrated with square images when what you really need is a wide-aspect hero image or banner?

PromptsGenii is your solution, offering not just the freedom to choose your aspect ratio but a suite of other parameters as well.

From excluding specific elements with negative prompts to fine-tuning the tiniest details, the tool makes it effortless to craft the perfect prompt.

With PromptsGenii, you gain the precision to dictate every aspect of your AI-generated art, ensuring the output matches your exact needs every single time.

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PromptsGenii’s suite of settings ensures your artwork is crafted to your exact specifications, making every pixel count.

Crafting the perfect AI art prompt can be as baffling as trying to explain social media to your grandma. (“So, these ‘hashtags’ are like bingo numbers, right?”).

With PromptsGenii, forget about staring at a blank canvas (chat bubble), scratching your head, and wondering where to start.

Think of it as a GPS for your creativity, offering visual hints, making art simple, and ensuring each piece is just what you pictured.

Unveil the true power of AI art generation turning your vision into stunning AI masterpieces.

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