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Use this AI-powered video script generator to create SEO-friendly scripts in 15 minutes.

When you’re trying to consistently churn out engaging videos, you can run out of new ideas fast. (“What do you mean MrBeast already did it??”)

Since you want to be more than a one-hit wonder, you need to find a way to whip up fresh, original content without exhausting your creative team.

Wish you had an AI tool that could analyze millions of videos and help you research and write an SEO-friendly video script in just 15 minutes?

Say hello to Maekersuite.


  • Analyze your video idea against millions of YouTube videos to optimize it for algorithm success
  • Turn any idea into an SEO-optimized script in just 15 minutes


Maekersuite is an AI-powered video platform that analyzes millions of YouTube videos to create SEO-friendly scripts in 15 minutes.

With Maekersuite, you can research any video idea in a few minutes! Just type it into the AI and let it crawl millions of YouTube videos for you.

From there, you’ll get a comprehensive report loaded with data-driven insights to help you decide if a video is worth making, all before putting any time or money into production.

This platform also gives you an endless stream of SEO-optimized video titles that you can regenerate, refine, or swap to increase your click-through rate and chance of algorithm success.

Video research
Analyze millions of videos to make sure you land on the perfect idea every time.

Maekersuite lets you turn your well-researched idea into a full outline by simply entering a few details about the type of video you want to make.

You’re in total creative control and can select the video tone, goal, length, language, and target audience to better refine your outline.

Once you’re done with your edits, you can convert your outline into a fully-fledged video script with the click of a button.

Video scripts
In just minutes, you can turn a video idea into a complete script that fits your brand voice.

Maekersuite’s AI can automatically craft descriptions and tags that you can copy-paste into your video during upload.

And because the description and tags are SEO-friendly to help your videos rank in Google and YouTube searches, it’s a cinch for future fans to discover you.

All these features come together to create a writing assistant that can whip up high-quality scripts, so all you need to focus on is recording them.

Video tags
Get auto-generated video descriptions and tags to optimize your videos in YouTube and Google searches.

Juggling multiple scripts at once? Keep your ideas and scripts in order by setting a project status like “To-do,” “In Progress,” or “Done.”

Plus, you can analyze any competitor’s video to get a detailed breakdown of its performance, related videos, watch intensity, and full transcript.

And if you want to try your hand at writing a script, you can write from scratch in Maekersuite’s document editor and use the AI to polish it up.

Multiple projects
Work on multiple scripts and set clear project statuses to keep everyone informed.

With a scriptwriter that watches all of YouTube, your video content is bound to dominate the algorithm. (It’s like a crystal ball, except it actually works.)

Maekersuite’s AI helps you write SEO-friendly video scripts, so you can produce hyper-engaging videos without breaking a sweat.

Generate video scripts in a snap.

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