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Record your sales calls to get AI-generated insights and virtual coaching for your team.

There’s only so much you can do to improve a sales pitch if you’re not learning from past clients. (“I thought we were vibing until they hung up.”)

Even if you could record and transcribe a few sales calls, you probably won’t pull the data-packed insights you need to exceed this month’s quota.

That’s why you need an AI platform that digs into customer interactions to provide actionable data and virtual coaching tailored for you.

Say hello to Lerno.


  • Access AI-powered insights after every sales call to understand your prospect’s needs, pains, and preferences
  • Use the virtual coach to help your team identify areas of improvement and fine-tune their sales pitch


Lerno is an AI customer intelligence platform that turns customer interactions into actionable insights that drive conversions.

Record every sales call using Lerno’s built-in integrations with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

You’ll be able to integrate with popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho to access customer data before all your calls.

This platform also supports two-way integration to automatically sync any changes between your CRM and Lerno, and vice versa.

Record every sales call and manage customer data on a single platform.

Lerno provides AI-generated insights after every call to help you understand the needs, pains, and preferences of your prospects.

Because the AI can identify the overall sentiment after the call, it’s easy to get ahead of early signs of churn.

Even better, you’ll get detailed action items and next steps designed to improve your closing technique.

Call insights
Take advantage of AI-generated insights to understand prospects and improve your closing technique.

Give your team tailored feedback using Lerno’s virtual coach, which frees you up to focus on the bigger picture.

With this engagement report, your team will understand what’s going well and which areas could use some improvement.

They can also take advantage of detailed suggestions with context and guidance to help them level up their sales skills.

Virtual coach
Check out the virtual coach for feedback and guidance to train your team.

Lerno’s AI will even aggregate data from customer interactions to create a voice of the customer.

Access qualitative data like business goals, pain points, and objections that help your marketing team create customer-focused campaigns.

You can also collect quantitative data that breaks down successful deals by company size, location, industry, and more.

Aggregated data
Aggregate qualitative and quantitative data to create a voice of the customer.

Lerno’s AI pulls customer insights, aggregates data, and provides virtual coaching to help your team fine-tune their sales pitches.

Pitch like a pro.

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