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Use AI to create content that’s perfectly optimized for search engines and user intent.

Google is flooded with millions of new blog posts every day, so you’ll need more than a few keywords to get clicks. (“Even my competition hasn’t heard of me.”)

Too bad it’s almost impossible to build an SEO content strategy that constantly adapts to the ever-changing algorithm all by yourself.

Good thing there’s an AI platform that conducts keyword research and learns competitor strategies to whip up optimized content for you.

Introducing KWHero.


  • Find accurate keyword data, generate perfectly optimized outlines, and publish branded content in 80 languages
  • Analyze top-ranking content to uncover ideal word counts, Google-friendly reading levels, and relevant NLP terms


KWHero uses AI to find high-intent SEO keywords, analyze competitors, and craft perfectly optimized content that ranks high on Google.

With KWHero’s AI, you’ll be able to generate SEO content that’s perfectly optimized to outrank all your competitors.

It only takes a few seconds to pull up a list of relevant keywords—along with up-to-date data on volume, ranking difficulty, and cost per click.

Plus, every keyword result will reveal the profitability score, search trends for the last year, and top search results.

And with awesome features like out-of-the-box NLP optimization, KWHero can write content in your brand voice that’s sure to pass AI detection.

Keyword research dashboard
Discover keywords with data on cost per click, profitability, ranking difficulty, and more.

Take advantage of the content analysis feature to start writing content that consistently outperforms your stiffest competition.

Figure out the ideal word count and number of headings and paragraphs by analyzing high-performing content from competitors.

You’ll also discover their reading levels, which headings to target, and how to capture search intent with NLP terms.

Competitor content analysis
Analyze high-performing articles to write content that outranks your competitors.

After completing all that competitor research, KWHero’s AI cancreate a content outline in a snap.

Every outline includes keyword-rich headings in the perfect hierarchy, targeted phrases, and the ideal word count for your article.

Don’t have time to write? Use AI to generate branded content across 80 languages in a matter of minutes.

AI content outlines
AI can generate outlines that are optimized for search engines and user intent.

KWHero helps you create a keyword-focused content plan to share with your team, making collaboration a breeze.

Everyone can add notes to specific entries, track content progress, and bookmark keywords to use for other SEO campaigns.

And just to make things even easier, KWHero lets you publish content straight to your WordPress in just a few clicks.

Content plan
Create keyword-focused content plans to share with your entire team.

KWHero gives you all the SEO tools you need to pump out perfectly optimized content that’s designed to smoke your competition.

Dominate organic search.

Get lifetime access to KWHero today!