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Katteb LTD

The First Fact Checked, Real Time & Localized AI Writer.

Meet Katteb – Fact Checked AI Writer ?

Even though AI content has been around for almost two years, the same challenges still persist, which are producing (High quality) (Readable) (Fact-checked) and ( Fresh) content.

That’s Why We Launched Katteb 

A revolutionary AI writer that constantly learns. It verifies facts before writing. It is capable of writing about any recent or upcoming event.

In Addition To 30+ AI Templates We Also Offer:

  • Credible Writer ( Write based on sources )
  • Proofreading Engine ( Supports 25+ Languages )
  • Plagiarism Checker ( With Citations )
  • Long Form Article Writer ( GPT-4 Included as Beta )
  • AI Art Generator ( DALL-E )
  • Related Images Suggestions ( For Free )
  • One Click Article Rewriter ( Preserve Formatting & Images )
  • Advanced Article Rewriter ( Multiple Suggestions )
  • Content Enricher & Expander ( Using Keyboard Shortcuts )
  • GPT-4 ( 10 Daily Generations Per Account )


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Enhance the credibility of the content generated by the AI

In-Text Citations

this feature is designed to enhance the credibility and reliability of the content generated by the AI writer by providing clear references to the sources of fact-checked information it includes.

When Katteb generates content and incorporates factual information, it simultaneously identifies and cites the sources of those facts within the text. These in-text citations serve as a transparent way to acknowledge the origins of the information and demonstrate that it has been fact-checked and validated by reputable sources.

The in-text citation feature is essential for several reasons. as it allows readers to verify the accuracy of the information by referring directly to the cited sources. This promotes transparency and helps to build trust between the writer and the audience. Additionally, it ensures that the generated content adheres to ethical standards of attribution and avoids any potential issues of plagiarism.

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Export AI Generated Content To WordPress

WordPress & Blogger Integration

Katteb offers a convenient feature that allows users to publish their AI-generated content to their WordPress or Blogger websites with just a single click. This integration streamlines the content publishing process, making it quick and hassle-free.

Once users have generated and reviewed the AI-generated content within the Katteb AI Writer platform, they can simply click on the “Export” button, specifically designed for WordPress and Blogger integration. This action initiates the seamless transfer of the content from Katteb to your website in seconds!

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One Click AI Article Rewriter

Preserve Formatting

Katteb AI Article Rewriter is designed to keep the formatting of your original article intact while rewriting it to provide you with unique, plagiarism-free content. This means that you won’t have to worry about your articles losing their original formatting that’s including images, Htags, external links.

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AI Related Images

AI Related Images

Katteb got an intelligent feature that understands your content and offers recommendations for relevant AI-generated images to enhance its visual appeal. These suggested images can serve as a valuable source of inspiration for your blog or website or used with proper license.

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AI Image Generator

High Quality AI Image Generator

Convert words into Images with our impressive AI image generator where you can generate high quality images and graphics in seconds.

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