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Howitzer LTD

Targeted cold emails, but for Reddit.

The first direct marketing tool for Reddit, made for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Growth Hackers!

Howitzer’s Features

???? Target and extract users:

Target by keywords, subreddits, upvote score, positive/negative sentiment and much more!
Find and extract only the users that would be your ideal customers


Get all users that posted or commented something that contains reddit and marketing tools, but doesn’t contain ads as keywords, from r/entrepreneur, r/GrowthHacking, r/startups subreddits, in the last 6 months.
Get only the users who have talked positively about the specified keywords

???? Message Automation:

The same as cold emails, but for Reddit private messages.
Howitzer enables you to message up to 12,000 Reddit users per month

  •  Personalize Messages
  •  Built-in spam checker coming soon
  •  Regulate Messaging Speed
  •  Automatic Suspension Recovery

If one of your Reddit accounts get suspended (ex: reported for spam), Howitzer will make sure that your other connected Reddit accounts continue the messaging campaign, without any interruptions

????‍ Monitoring Reddit

howitzer lifetime deal monitoring reddit

Get notifications when something is mentioned in a subreddit


Get a Slack/E-mail notification, each time someone leaves a comment that contains reddit marketing tool as a keyphrase in r/howitzerr/marketingr/entrepreneur subreddits

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