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Transform complex processes into visually engaging on-demand demos, step-by-step guides, and explainer videos using Floik.

We’ve all experienced it:

  • The severe lack of documentation to perform critical functions
  • The 2-hour call that could have been a video tutorial
  • Countless support tickets sharing the exact same content
  • Calendar conflicts prevent timely demos or wasting time
  • Training sessions where no one seems truly present or interested

Meet Floik. It eliminates the usual time and money-wasting mumbo jumbo and instead helps your team create stunning interactive content so you’ll never have to repeat yourself.


Say goodbye to confusion and hello to simplicity. Floik bridges the gap between complex information and user education.

Hey, can you tell me HOW TO…..? 

How many times do you hear the HOW TO question from users, team members, or clients? 

And then time-wasting activities ensue, like coordinating a Zoom meeting, opening a Google Doc to document the steps, or switching tabs to Loom to record a video, all while screenshotting away like a madman. And don’t forget to rename all those screenshot files named: “Screenshot 2023-10-06”, pasting them in the right order and adding context for each.

Never suffer through that again.

Whether you’re:

  • Sharing a product demo 
  • Showcasing your latest software update
  • Explaining how your business works
  • Solving customer support issues
  • Onboarding new employees

Floik ensures you can document any process without ever taking another screenshot.

Why Choose Floik?

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Floik turns processes into valuable documentation for your product, service, or training initiatives. And it does this in minutes, not hours or days.

It’s truly impressive. Still on the fence about the product? 

Let’s talk about why Floik is a diamond that you are getting the privilege of buying for such an insanely low one-time investment. 

1) Enterprise Grade Tech – Companies that use Floik include teams at MicrosoftAtlassian, and Airmeet to name a few. It’s not just a great lifetime deal, it’s an exceptional enterprise-level product that many users already use for their processes. 

2) #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt –  We all know early adopters have high expectations, and Floik met those standards head-on. Landing the #1 spot during its Product Hunt launch, maintaining a 5 out of 5 rating.

3) Reviews About Floik Solving Real Problems – Users like Soumya Patro share her experiences with Floik and why she’s impressed.

4) Funded by the Best – Floik is backed by Elevation Captial, one of the most respected VC firms in India.

5) Seasoned Founders – Both cofounders have many years of experience in SaaS marketing and product development. With a team of 10 individuals, they’re off to a great start.

When and where else do you get such a high-quality product that can compete with giants available on a lifetime deal? Buy now or regret it later.

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Let’s tap into the versatility of Floik. From demos, customer support docs, sales collateral, customer retention training, and employee SOPs, Floik can be used across all departments and industries. Here are just a few popular use cases:

  • Close More Sales – Share interactive demos to close clients or acquire users faster.
  • Onboard Employees Faster – Use Floik to streamline your onboarding process. Turn onboarding into a Flo instead of a 2-hour call. 
  • Customer Training – Customers or Users often get stuck on how to use your product or do X or Y. To avoid abandonment, cancellation, or customer dissatisfaction, document the entire process once and for all.
  • Solve Support Tickets Faster – Most companies lack good documentation. Avoid being one of them by guiding users with step-by-step flos. Your team will be able to solve customer support issues faster and reduce support tickets. 
  • Build Your Knowledge Base – Build a comprehensive knowledge base that goes beyond documentation. You can create a mix of interactive demos, step-by-step guides, and videos while surfacing analytics that show which areas get the most visibility. 
  • Create SOPs – If you run an agency ro service-based business, SOPs are the lifeblood of your business. Document all the SOPs so that clients are better managed and teams are more effective.
  • Market New Features – Drive user adoption by showcasing practical applications and benefits of your new features. Get more sign-ups with clear calls to action.
  • Write How-to Blogs – Answer repeat how-to questions by quickly making interactive guides and videos for your blog to increase traffic.

You’ve seen the other impressive – but expensive – apps like Scribe and Tango. Floik plays in the same space and offers the same features. This limited-time, limited-quantity lifetime deal grants you access to such powerful tools for a one-time low price.

Feedback from Existing Users

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