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Launch your own ecommerce site and Android app in minutes

Setting up your online store shouldn’t feel as exhausting as literally building a brick and mortar shop. (“How are my muscles sore after typing?”)

Between having to code, design, and configure loads of plugins, setting up an ecommerce store can take weeks.

What if there was an ecommerce platform that helped you build your online store and very own Android app in just a few minutes?

Make it happen with Dukaan (Shopify Alternative)


  • Launch your own online store and ecommerce Android app in minutes
  • Make more money on each sale with 0% transaction fees on every payment


Dukaan is an ecommerce platform that lets you build, manage, and scale your store in seconds—no coding or design skills required.

With Dukaan, you get all the tools you need to build your online store fast, so you can start selling to customers.

Choose your store name, upload your inventory, and auto-generate product descriptions to get your store up and running.

Then you can connect to a third-party payment gateway to accept online orders from all around the globe—without any additional transaction fees!

dukaan lifetime deal 1
Dukaan offers a powerful suite of tools to launch your online store in no time.

Dukaan’s storefronts are optimized to increase conversions with a fast checkout, allowing you to convert more visitors into customers.

You can give your customers a seamless shopping experience in just three steps using the platform’s streamlined checkout.

With professionally designed and customizable ecommerce website templates, you’re able to control your store’s design and branding.

Use plugins to expand your site with new features, so you can boost checkout conversions, track analytics, manage delivery and shipments, as well as build robust email lists!

dukaan lifetime deal 2
Use plugins to enhance your store functionality, from tracking analytics and managing delivery to building email lists.

Increase sales by creating multiple types of discount coupons like flat fees, percent off, and buy one, get one.

You can accept payments via Stripe and PayPal so your customers can use their preferred payment options.

This platform even lets you offer cash-on-delivery payments to give your shoppers an alternative payment method.

Best of all, Dukaan charges zero transaction fees, which means you’re making way more money on each sale.

dukaan lifetime deal 3
Increase your profit margins with Dukaan’s 0% transaction fees.

Turn your online store into a white-label Android app in minutes, making it a cinch for your customers to shop with you wherever they go.

You’ll be able to download an AAB file for your store to publish your ecommerce app in the Google Play Store.

You can also download an APK file that you can share directly with customers via messaging apps.

Launching an online store this quickly should earn you a spot in this year’s Guinness World Records. (“Yeah, I’m kind of a celebrity now…”)

Dukaan lets you launch a user-friendly, online store with no transaction fees and create your own Android app in a matter of minutes.

Set up your shop in record time.

Get lifetime access to Dukaan today!