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Use this hiring platform to embed job openings and hire candidates from your website.

Even if you’re offering unlimited PTO and free lunch, that’s not enough to attract top-tier job applicants. (“We’ll also give you a tote bag—do people still want tote bags?”)

If you want to get rockstar candidates, you need to create a high-touch, easy-to-accomplish application process without breaking the bank.

Good thing there’s an affordable hiring platform that lets your recruiters create, post, and manage job listings with ease.

Introducing Dropboard.


  • Create job openings with custom descriptions, requirements, and sections that you can embed on a website
  • Get applications sent to your email with resumes that are automatically converted into PDFs


Dropboard is a hiring platform that makes it easy to embed jobs, build custom forms, and assess candidates.

With Dropboard, you’ll be able to create jobs and instantly embed them on any page of your company website.

Customize colors, text, screening questions, file uploads, and features like search and location filtering—and preview it all before going live!

You can also add qualifications, responsibilities, compensation range, and locations to any job.

Not hiring anymore? Manually hide jobs or set an expiration date so they close automatically.

Customizable job posts
Customize everything from the text and colors to the screening questions and job qualifications.

Dropboard automatically converts resumes into PDFs and sends applications to your hiring manager’s inbox. All they need to do is hit “reply” to engage!

And if you’re already working with Google Sheets or Excel, you can export all your candidates as a CSV file to manage that data elsewhere.

You can also use the built-in database to search, filter, and review candidates at any time.

Get applications delivered to your inbox and take advantage of the searchable database.

Dropboard lets you collect an applicant’s name, email address, resume, and cover letter by default. You can even customize any application form to capture info for unique positions.

Easily add new fields to your application, drag and drop them to reorder, and instantly preview them in real time. Plus, you can add help text and decide which questions should be required.

You can do it all: collect short and long text responses, single and multi-select inputs, candidate references, and even extra file attachments for certifications, headshots, or work samples.

And thanks to the Zapier integration, you’ll be able to react to these custom fields programmatically.

Application form
Customize your application form with custom fields and extra file attachments.

Best of all, you can use AI to generate job descriptions that include responsibilities and required qualifications.

Add custom sections like perks, benefits, diversity, or culture statements, and even legal disclaimers.

Plus, you’ll be able to invite team members to manage jobs, candidates, and Dropboards for a super smooth hiring process.

AI-generated job descriptions
Use AI to write job descriptions and add sections like perks or benefits.

Dropboard has everything you need to easily create job postings, embed them on your website, and manage candidate applications.

Simplify your hiring workflow.

Get lifetime access to Dropboard today!