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CampaignHero LTD

Google, Microsoft, and Facebook Ads support platform; reporting dashboard; optimization & audit tool

CampaignHero enables small businesses to generate inbound leads and grow through easily set up marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook and Microsoft Ads.


  • A comprehensive Google, Microsoft, and Facebook Ads support platform designed with you in mind
  • Build new campaigns easily and quickly start generating leads for your business today


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Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to your PPC and social campaigns from now on.

CampaignHero is a Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads management support and optimization platform designed for small businesses to help them grow through online marketing at an affordable cost.

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We’ll help you level-up your social media ads in a hurry.

Build new campaigns easily and quickly start generating leads for your business.

  • Account/campaign creation
  • Campaign audits
  • Instant reporting dashboard
  • Optimization tips
  • Affordable support
  • Developed with Google support specifically for small businesses
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With hundreds of ways to improve the performance of your campaigns, you’re in great hands with us.

Enjoy 5-star-rated support from the moment you sign up.

Our technology and support team generate smart optimizations for your ad campaigns, helping you save marketing budget and driving results for your business.

Advertising set-up is also included.

Are you a small business new to the advertising world?

We got you!

Included with our launch package, we can set-up your ad account and activate high performing campaigns and ad copy generated by our expert team.

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We make it easy to set — and hit — your goals and milestones.

Our dashboard & reporting system is intuitive and extremely user-friendly.

Thanks to this, it’s never been easier to look at your advertising performance data, enabling you to generate reports that matter most to your business goals.

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CampaignHero is perfect for both new and existing advertisers alike.

Take advantage of features that make your ads work harder, not you.

We agonize over the details to make sure that our templates are high-converting and high-performing while being easy to use and to integrate with all your favorite tools.

Start your online campaigns today and generate leads to help your business grow.

Get access to CampaignHero today!