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AffSync LTD

AffSync offers six different tools built for affiliate marketers and niche bloggers who wants to take their affiliate marketing journey to the next level.

Key Features

  • Affiliate Program Research Tool: Our Affiliate Program Finder is a tool that simplifies the process of searching for affiliate programs and niches. With access to over 55,000 affiliate programs and 1800+ niches, users can easily filter their results based on their specific needs, such as EPC, commission rates, conversion rates, keywords, and niches.
  • Amazon Affiliate Product Finder: Allows users to access over 2.4 million top-selling products on Amazon, providing data-driven insights that can help increase your affiliate revenue. With key metrics like estimated total sales, average commissions, and average EPC, you can promote with confidence.
  • Amazon Niche Topic Research Tool: A tool helps you find profitable niches for your affiliate marketing campaigns. It analyzes Amazon sales data to identify niches that have higher sales volumes, average prices, and commission rates. You can use various metrics and keywords to filter and select niches that align with your marketing strategy.
  • Niche Website Research Tool: With our Niche Sites Research Tool, you can easily explore over 75,000 niche websites and discover their estimated monthly traffic, essential SEO metrics, keywords, and monetization strategies. Additionally, by analyzing successful websites, you can find proven content niches through reverse engineering.
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Generate more Affiliate Commissions with done-for-you research

Our tool suite provides users with six different tools that can help them find profitable affiliate programs, top-selling Amazon products, and lucrative niches. We use data-driven insights to provide you with accurate information so that you can make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

As an affiliate marketer, you know how challenging it can be to find the most profitable niches, products, and affiliate programs. Spending countless hours searching for them can be time-consuming and frustrating.

With AffSync, you can get access to all the essential tools required to take your journey to the next level. Type the keyword, and you’ll get access to various affiliate programs or products in a few seconds. Not just that, you can filter results by multiple metrics to easily find profitable products or programs. With our tool suite, finding profitable Amazon products or programs no longer requires guesswork.

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