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The AI-powered Short-Form Writing Assistant Inside Your Browser

We search online everyday to find answers, source inspiration, do research, publish content, and stay connected. Whether you’re a casual web browser, industry pro, or agency owner, we spend an average of 400 minutes a day online. 

And let’s face it… you’re creating or brainstorming content at least 50% of that time. We can all use an assistant to be more efficient and get some of those hours back.

Meet 2SlashA simple Chrome extension that helps you increase content output and productivity throughout the web. 


Increase your productivity, simplify your writing process, and take back your time with 2Slash.

2Slash puts the power of AI engineers into your hands. It can summarize and reply to emails for you, rephrase, correct and expand text, translate and rewrite.

2Slash is so simple, it works for everyone, everywhere, all the time. 

  • Ask AI anything in the sidebar
  • Write better by improving the text, expand/shorten it, or fix grammar. 
  • Read easier and faster by selecting any text and summarizing, explaining, or translating in seconds.
  • Reply to any post or comment by generate effective and personalized replies. 
  • Summarize & chat with any content on the page. 
  • Compose with AI anywhere to kickoff the initial draft. 
  • Save or use prompts from the library to get more done faster.

Turn those time-consuming,  mundane tasks into minutes using 2Slash’s expanding collection of prompts for marketing, sales, copywriting, operation, productivity, and customer support.

Why Choose 2Slash?

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We all know the key to an effective tool is in its simplicity and whether you’ll actually use it daily. That’s where 2Slash shines. 

Available Anywhere –  2Slash sits on the sidelines of your browser ready to assist whenever you need it. Whether you’re checking emails or LinkedIn or reading a blog post, it’s available.  

One-Click Activation – Click the extension icon, or the slideout panel, or select any text, or simply type two slashes “//” into a field to summon 2Slash to assist in your writing tasks. It’s simple and always 1-click away.  

No Workflow Disruption – Stay in the zone and maintain your writing momentum without leaving the current page. 

No Integrations Needed – No bloat. No need to learn 1,000 commands or prompts. No over-engineered features. No jack-of-all-trades aspirations. No integrations required. Just a simple productivity tool at your fingertips.

Who Needs 2Slash?

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2Slash is designed for a wide range of professionals who need to generate high-quality content quickly without having to be an prompt engineer. 

  • Marketers –  Create compelling ad copy or blog posts while saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Support Representatives – Generate accurate and helpful responses to customer queries improving customer satisfaction.
  • Social Media Managers – Generate engaging posts and comments in your tone. 
  • Copywriters – Generate fresh ideas, new angles, or refine content while writing copy. 
  • Executives – Easily write or enhance professional emails, messages, communication materials.
  • Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) – Generate personalized and persuasive emails or messages to quickly communicate with prospects. Close the loop faster.
  • HR & Recruiters – Write LinkedIn replies, generate cover letters and job descriptions.

Whether you’re drafting an email, writing a blog post, or responding to a customer query, 2Slash is the online assistant you need to produce content that works the way you work.

Get lifetime access to 2Slash today